6 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Sri Lanka


Making a trip to Sri Lanka just because?  Peruse on for basic Sri Lanka venture out tips and exhortation to assist you with arranging an ideal outing!

To cite Condé Nast Traveler, “Sri Lanka Is Prepared for Its Nearby”! Since my first outing to Sri Lanka in 2015, I have been back every 2-3 months and it is my second home at this point.

It feels like Sri Lanka’s notoriety as the up-and-coming goal in Asia has boomed in recent months and if for reasons unknown you need persuading.

There are some regular confusions about Sri Lanka as the common war finished moderately recently (2009) yet additionally some cool realities that you probably won’t think about this country. If you’re arranging a visit, here are 12 things to know before going to Sri Lanka!

6 things you should know before making a trip to Sri Lanka


1. It is tedious to go around Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is just around 430 KM tall and 220 KM wide, yet it can take you a long time to venture out here and there as the streets can be incredibly occupied. I hope to trust that dairy animals will go across the street, the intermittent monkey showing up out of the blue, insane transport drivers and in some cases even a difficult elephant in the street.

For instance, it takes roughly 3 hours to travel from Colombo to the southernmost purpose of Sri Lanka (around 160 KMs). Fortunately, roadways are being manufactured left, right and focus yet you will even now need to pass through limited boulevards in littler urban areas to find a workable pace.

Novices to Sri Lanka frequently tragically pack such a large number of spots into a 1 or multi-week schedule without figuring in broad travel time. The quickest and most ideal approach to go around Sri Lanka is to book a private vehicle and driver from highlight point, however, don’t anticipate that the costs should be extremely inexpensive – a 3-4 hour single direction vehicle ride can cost somewhere in the range of US$100 to $140. Employing a vehicle and driving around yourself isn’t generally a thing in Sri Lanka; you can most likely discover vehicle rental places in Colombo, yet your most logical option is to take a train or contract a driver.

Train travel is well known in Sri Lanka as it is modest and reliable(ish), however few out of every odd train has first or even below average carriages. Seats can be held face to face at a train station as long as 45 days before the outing and tourist detours fill up FAST.

Going around by transport is likewise bargain basement, however not strongly suggested because they make like supreme crazy people! On the off chance that you are voyaging a short separation (under 60 minutes) at that point a truck, or 3 wheeler, is the best approach. Riding in a truck is involved with and of itself – simply ensure you concede to a cost with the driver before the ride.

2. For a little island, there are a ton of things to see and do in 

Sri Lanka has each and every kind of explorer secured: explore tea nation in the Focal Territory, pursue cascades, climb staggering mountain ranges, find UNESCO world legacy destinations like Sigiriya and the old urban areas of Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura, lounge on world-class seashores, go on an untamed life safari in one of Sri Lanka’s numerous national parks like Yala or Udawalawe to see panthers and Asian elephants in their normal living space, jump among wrecks, surf uncrowded waves, visit sanctuaries, etc… you get the substance!

As a result of the time, it takes to go between places, don’t be astounded on the off chance that you don’t make a great deal of progress – 2-3 weeks isn’t almost sufficient opportunity to encounter all of what Sri Lanka brings to the table!

3. Sri Lanka is a protected nation to go to

Be that as it may, there are a couple of things you should know first. Indeed, the nation experienced a multi-year common war, however generally, life has since come back to normal after the finish of the war in 2009. Sri Lanka has made universal news features a couple of times since 2009: a 10-day state of crisis was declared in Walk 2018 because of savage agitation between the Buddhist and Muslim people group in Kandy; political distress and protests took place in late 2018; and lodgings and houses of worship in Colombo, Batticaloa, and Negombo were attacked on Easter Sunday in 2019. Peruse on for certain updates in case you’re contemplating internally, “is it still safe to visit Sri Lanka?”

Similarly, as you would for whatever other nation that you travel to, practice a sensible measure of alert and know about your environment. It might likewise be judicious to maintain a strategic distance from enormous social affairs and spots of love during significant strict occasions. Try not to streak cash around and leave costly gems and gadgets in your lodging or at home, and watch out for your own things when you head out. Sri Lankan individuals are well known for their neighborliness, and fierce violations towards travelers are for all intents and purposes unheard of. I have met the absolute kindest and most inviting individuals in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is unlike some other Asian nations as it is still moderately modest. The essential religion is Buddhism so be aware of your attire when you visit sanctuaries (spread your shoulders and wear jeans) or stroll around town. Consider this: shorts and tank tops are fine, yet I would not suggest that you drive shirtless on a bike or stroll around in a two-piece. A few visitors are in any event, being halted by police in the road and advised to conceal!

Each full moon is an open occasion in Sri Lanka (Otherwise known as “Poya”) and hard alcohol utilization is genuinely high in Sri Lanka. Even though spots don’t sell liquor on Poya day, numerous individuals stock up from their neighborhood alcohol shop early. The favored beverage of decision is arrack (frequently refined from coconut bloom sap) which is high in liquor content – it isn’t extraordinary for gatherings of men to get inebriated and unruly during Poya.

I have actually experienced verbal provocation and lustful remarks from men in Sri Lanka, however, would not prescribe connecting with – on the off chance that you are an independent female explorer in Sri Lanka, simply continue strolling and make an effort not to be separated from everyone else late around evening time. Sri Lanka’s traveler police are extremely responsive – dial 1912 to connect with them, or 119 to arrive at crisis administrations.

4. Traveling around Sri Lanka is moderate, yet not as modest as other Southeast/South Asian nations

The cash is the Sri Lankan Rupee (not quite the same as the Indian Rupee), and the conversion scale differs from roughly 160-175 LKR: 1 USD. There are a lot of spots to trade cash in Sri Lanka, and there are likewise ATMs in urban communities like Colombo and Galle where you can pull back cash.

As far as I can tell, convenience costs will, in general, be higher in Sri Lanka when contrasted and nations like India, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, etc. Extravagance properties like Shangri-La’s Hambantota Resort, Anantara Tangalle, Anantara Kalutara and Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge are springing up like daisies the nation over and a 5-star or boutique inn can cost somewhere in the range of US$300 to 1000 per night – genuinely!

It is additionally normal for a 3-star inn to interfere with you US$80-120 per night, however spending choices are accessible, simply be set up for somewhat higher rates than nations like India.

I’m enthusiastic about advancing remarkable and boutique travel encounters, and by and by the search for comfort, wonderful stylistic layout, and warm neighborliness when I travel. Click here for probably the best boutique and lavish inns to remain in Sri Lanka!

5. The country has 2 storm seasons and various atmospheres all through the nation

I’m frequently asked, “when is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?” Sri Lanka is a tropical nation so expect bunches of ecstatic daylight and blue skies practically year-round. If we’re being specialized, the island has 2 rainstorm seasons: the upper east storm (December to Spring), and the southwest rainstorm (June to October); however, you can visit Sri Lanka whenever during the year IMHO.

While there are “rainy seasons”, it is not even close as insufferable as the blustery season in Laos or Thailand, regularly it will pour at night and the sun will be out the following day. Try not to let individuals convince you not to visit southern Sri Lanka from June to September as it will, in general, be a lot calmer and swarm free. Check out my manual for Sri Lanka’s south coast for more insider tips!

For your reference, the pinnacle season for the southern region is from around November to January (be intellectually arranged for huge groups on the off chance that you are visiting Sri Lanka in December around Christmas or New Year’s Eve), and the pinnacle season for the east coast is from around June to August.

You ought to likewise realize that Sri Lanka has a couple of various atmospheres so you may need to bring a sweatshirt or two in case you’re visiting slope nation as it can get very cold. At the point when we voyaged through Nuwara Eliya, Kandy and Ella, the temperature dropped to 14-17 degrees Celsius (57-62 F) in the mornings and nighttimes – not exactly what you anticipate from a tropical island!